What is the delivery time?

Generally, delivery time is 3-6 weeks from order. Each demand is handled individually and dates are exploring the Italian manufacturer.

What are the payment terms?

In regular trading partners are individual payment terms. The other is a standard procedure, a deposit of 50% of the total price when ordering execution or signing of the contract (or under the terms of the contract). Surcharge is the first implementation usually required in cash upon receipt supplied or execution of transfers by end due invoice (and under the terms of the signed purchase agreement or contract for work).

Where it is possible to collect the goods?

Ordered goods can be picked up at our offices in Brno gargoyle, or arrange transportation.

How to attract attention just to your shop window?

Do you own or run a clothing boutique that prides itself on the quality and style? Wondering how to attract the eyes of customers flood stores and garish billboards just to your interpretation?

The basis of success is a sophisticated design that corresponds with the style of goods sold, imaginative stylish outfit complete with accessories and a good-on which will be fashionable creations properly collect and through which your customers can easily imagine how they themselves could in a prospective look a bit. New on the market are realistic mannequins brand TOP MODEL REAL, whose perfect curves are almost indistinguishable from the real models. If such a quality mannequin creatively wear, your shop window for passers-by not only an interesting spectacle, but also inspiration, as you can combine your goods.

Keep in mind that emotions are what sells. Showcase should therefore have a certain atmosphere and induce feelings or mood with which people can identify. That is the key to success and hence the sale. Just the boring bits of clothing hung today speaks to anyone, try to be playful and creative! Your window display should express something, to break taboos fashionable and be bold.

Thanks to your shop window you can make customers think about whether or not wear mini dress for summer high boots, if the layer itself blouses and shirts of different styles and designs. Not every customer likes to spend long hours in the cabinet and the mirror and think of an appropriate fashion creation. If you are able to offer the client the complete original outfit to save her a lot of time and energy. The reward you will spend more because a satisfied customer of your store just a few things instead of one.
Our mannequins look great on their own, secret perfect expenses but also in the right lighting. It works wonders and is a great tool to inspire your soul interpretation. You could say that your main task is to arouse a desire to create desire. If customers see sexy mannequin dressed in the spotlight, reflected their desire to be the perfect wife "vamp" men crowded bar in luxury in one of the pieces exhibited goods. Combines a pleasant feeling in the wake idea of ​​the situation, with exposed outfit and a desire thing to wear. Have this piece, which will feel sexy in your closet.

The whole process is therefore based on the creation of desire and temptation, your window display should therefore have a precise design, imaginatively layered outfits and high quality mannequins that will be in appearance and material correspond to the offered goods and mood you want to evoke in customers.

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